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HYVA telescopic and hydraulic cylinders

Higher durability, Higher strength

Montreal Hydraulique, the new Authorized Service Centre for HYVA’s hydraulic and telescopic cylinders, offers the Southern-Quebec region the best hydraulic cylinders in the trucking industry, and a high quality maintenance service.

HYVA Corporation has designedand created a complete line of front-end hydraulic and telescopic tipping cylinders, ideal for rear-end and tipper trailers. Its balanced design with lower oil volume allows faster tipping and results in the lightest cylinder in the business.

While providing innovative solutions in the industry, this new generation of cylinders is positioned as the world leader in the hydraulic tipping cylinder market. HYVA cylinders are also commonly used in other similar industries, in equipments such as platforms, cranes and conveyors.

Globally recognized as the strongest, more reliable and stable telescopic cylinders, HYVA products have a superior payload speed and capacity, no periodic maintenance and offer the best value for money in today's demanding market.

Hyva’stelescopic cylinders offer unequalled quality and thelowest operationcost in the industry. How does this reflect in your truck fleet operation?

Product profile

Features Benefits
+ Durability + Extended cylinder life
+ Payload capacity + Increased weight per load
+ Low cylinder weight + More payload capacity
+ Cycle time + More loads per day
+ In-service time + More vehicle uptime
+ Largest wall thickness in industry + Increased strength
+ Premium quality steel + Rugged durability
+ Hard chromed final stage + No corrosion, longer seal life
+ Low oil volume requirement + Faster cycle time, less oil expense
+ Excellent sealing in all climates + No oil loss into the environment
+ Low maintenance + No adjusting nuts, no air bleeding
+ Maintenance free top eye + No greasing
+ Severe service design + Years of trouble-free operation
+ Easy field service + No special tools, bottom access plate
+ After-sale support + Montreal Hydraulique's permanent support and Service par Excellence